Simply the Henbest

Sidonie Henbest in Cabaret -  5th of September 2015

Willunnga Show Hall

It was a great night.

We had a packed house in the Willunga Show Hall for Sidonie's cabaret, with her accompanist and friend Matthew Carey.

They loved it. Sidonie gave a great concert, with two intervals to allow for the selling of lottery tickets and as much as possible of Hugh Hamilton's excellent beverages.

She sang an eclectic mix of songs, chatting in between times about all manner of things, in her inimitable style.

Songs included xxxxxx (to be added).

It was a memorable night indeed.

We are greatly indebted to the Cinemallunga people, who have in addition to the sound system, added a versatile theatre lighting system at considerable expense. This means the hall can now be used for many theatrical events, such as ours, and will no doubt be a considerable added asset to the Willunga community. Three dimmable chandelier house lights can be used to create a warm atmosphere, far preferable to the fluorescent strips used hitherto. Flickering tea-lights on the tables added to the atmosphere.

The two window-mounted lights and the spotlight coming from the back of the hall have a full range of colours and dimming effects to provide excellent stage lighting.

The lights are radio controlled, meaning that the board can be situated anywhere in the theatre. They have been installed by Dave McDonald, one of the Cinemallunga crew, and on the night Dave initiated me into the mysteries and complexities of the board, which is very high tech, and helped me with the running of the show. He's magic.

- Wayne Anthoney.


Carolyn, Matthew Carey, Camille, Sidonie.

Meredith, Carolyn, Camille

Sidonie lets rip!

At the end of the night a young lass named Mia Reschke (above) asked if she might give a song for the remaining patrons. She was very good!

Technical wizard Dave McDonald, flanked by Wayne and Brian Maple.