Waverley Homestead, Sunday afternoon, September 23rd.

It was a lovely concert, before a packed house. With Tatachilla College Performance Co-ordinator Greg John as MC, husband and wife team Samantha Rubenhold and Robert England – both soloists with State Opera - triumphantly returned to participate in another STARS concert.

They began with a duet – ‘Bess You Is My Woman’ - from ‘Porgy and Bess’ then two solos from ‘Les Miserables’, Samantha singing “I Dreamed A Dream’, followed by Robert with ‘’I Swear by the Stars’.

Interestingly, the musical accompaniment came from recorded sound tracks without the voices, played on a computer linked to a conventional amplifier. These are used extensively by singers for rehearsals.

 Tatachilla Year 12 student - Jordan Noble, then took the stage and beautifully delivered ‘Popular’ from the musical ‘Wicked’, in the course of which she explained how to be popular to the grotty green witch, played convincingly by our endlessly versatile Carolyn.

Robert returned with an aria from Verdi's ‘Don Carlos’. I missed the title of it and it was sung in Italian. Robert explained that it was about the duke realising that his wife has never loved him and he might as well bump himself off. Pretty sad stuff.

Next came Samantha with the happy ‘Je Veux Vivre’ from the opera ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and then another surprise – Monique Watson from Seaford Rise, studying at the Elder Conservatorium, gave a delightful rendition of ‘Vedrai Carino’ from ‘Don Giovanni’ and the first half finished with Robert and Samantha singing rousingly, ‘I Can Do Anything Better Than You’ from ‘Annie Get Your Gun’.

Afternoon Tea. Yum. And thanks to the STARS committee women, especially to Nancy Weisbrodt.

To kick off the second half Greg John bounded onto the stage and sang and danced ‘If I Were A Rich Man’ from ‘Fiddler on the Roof’. A delightful surprise.

Samantha gave us ‘La Vale’ by ‘Katarina’ (? – I may have this wrong), Robert performed ‘Some Enchanted Evening’, Monique sang from ‘Cosi fan Tutti’ a song in Italian the title of which I again missed, but she explained that it was a bunch of noblewomen agreeing with each other that since the men were all of at war ‘We might as well have some fun too, wink wink nudge nudge’.

 Samantha gave us the popular ‘Vilia’ from ‘The Merry Widow’, Robert performed from  Gounod’s ‘Faust’ the serenade to a woman who hopes to be wed, telling her that she must keep her virginity while he knows full well that she's already with child, the dirty rat, and a wonderful afternoon was rounded off with a duet – ‘Only Make Believe’.

Carolyn introduces Greg

Greg introduces the show

Bess you is my woman now

I dreamed a dream

I swear by the stars


Monique - Vedrai Carino

Anything you can do, I can do better.


If I were a rich man

Really into it

Some enchanted evening

It's only make-believe

Thanks to all