Professor Orlando's Magic Show

July 2015

Sensational, superb, mystifying, mind-blowing - how does one accurately describe the amazing magic of Professor Orlando? An alumnus of Hogwart's College, where he had enormous influence on the career of the young Harry Potter, the Professor by turns fascinates, surprises, tantalises and astounds all who come to watch, be they young or old, as he produces flowers, parasols, magic wands and more from the thin air, as he defies gravity, as he turns back time itself, as he makes solid objects melt through each other in a manner reminiscent of the feared sorcerers of antiquity.


And so it was at this performance at Waverley Homestead, given before an adoring crowd, and with the Professor most ably assisted by the young Princess Edie.


Not to have seen Professor Orlando in action is not to fully have lived.