Michelle McCrea Mosaics


August 2014


STARS' contribution to the 2014 South Australian Living Arts Festival was an exhilarating exhibition of paintings and mosaics by local artist Michelle McCrea, who recently completed a PhD in Creative Writing at Flinders University. Michelle became interested in mosaics in 2001 and has since travelled to Italy to learn more of the traditional ancient techniques.

A large crowd attended the opening, at Waverley Homestead on Saturday August 2nd, many of them non regular STARS patrons. Our chairperson Carolyn Colling of course attempted to entice as many of them as possible to become STARS members.

Professor Diana Glenn, Dean of the School of Humanities and Creative Arts at Flinders University, and friend and mentor of Michelle, gave a most interesting opening address, in which she discussed the history and evolution of mosaic work in Italy and related it to Michelle's contemporary work. With Professor Glenn's permission, the speech is reproduced here.

Thanks as always to Camille Maple for curating and hanging the exhibition, to Murray Young for manning the bar and to Nancy Weisbrodt and her galley slaves for providing the hors d'oeuvres.

Michelle, with Camille on left and Prof Glenn on right

Prof Glenn opens the exhibition

Michelle responds

A selection of the works........


Mosaic on local slate