McLaren Vale Institute May 2015

Once again STARS' promotion of Co-Opera's work was a great success. This year we decided to use the McLaren Vale Institute rather than the Bocce Club at McLaren Flat, and also to modernise our booking system by using the online system Trybooking. Both innovations were successful, the proof of this assertion being in the full to overflowing house.

Brian Chatterton, Co-Opera director, wrote to STARS chair Carolyn Colling:

That was a GREAT night at McLaren Vale eh?......[notwithstanding the rocky start]...... 
The audience was AMAZING.........wish we could bottle that and take it everywhere we go....


Apparently the rocky start was due to a backstage door being locked, meaning that the large cast had only one entrance / exit and had to creep around backstage in some disarray. Further research indicates that the hall hirer did not have authority to unlock the door, that being the responsibility of some church official or other, who could not be found.

It had been determined in advance that the scaffolding set, which took many hours to erect, would not fit on the stage at the institute, and had instead to be put up on the floor, which restricted somewhat the audience numbers, but all worked out well. Cosy, but well.

Judith Barr writes:

The performance, at the McLaren Vale Institute, on Saturday 16th of May, had an audience of 160 enthusiastic Co-Opera lovers and seating was fairly limited, to accommodate the huge scaffolding rig that was the set. The director, Tessa Bremner, was a special guest, as well as sponsors Diana Genders of Genders Wines and Kay Logan from Bendigo Bank. Brian Chatterton the musical director was at his brilliant best. The cast was outstanding, with The Queen of the Night a highlight, as well as Sidonie Henbest and Grace Bawden as sisters hamming it up. The show was humorous, silly, poignant and brilliant and the audience cheered at the end.

STARS Catering Committee presented a wonderful picnic pack of gourmet food prepared by Jo Pavey and Joannie Lunn and a troupe of helpers and Hugh Hamilton Wines, wine sponsors of the event, presented some great wines.

All STARS committee and friends worked for many hours to ensure that the night was a huge success.

Thankyou to everyone.

Carolyn Colling.



Carolyn welcomes

Judith Barr flogs raffle tickets as no-one does better

Murray Indefatigable Young and offsider person the bar

Part of the lively audience

Wide shot of the audience

The cast takes a bow