The audience started arriving at about 7, to find the Show Hall beautifully but softly illuminated, with twinkling candles on the tables adding to the atmosphere. Greg John twinkled too, on the piano at the front of the hall.

The bar was open and the night was soon in full swing, with a capacity audience of over 100 in attendance. This among other things again validates our STARS decision to move from Waverley Homestead to the umbrella of the Rec Hall organisation.

Peter Colling, urbane as always, opened proceedings and introduced comedian Jim Danton, who soon had the audience in the palm of his hand.

Jim is demonstrating the instructions for learning the hula dance, that he received in the mail.

Jim then introduced his partner of many years, Cristina the Contortionist, who at the age of 72 is still performing and in January will be going to the UK to perform.

Cristina passes herself through a hoop while balancing a glass of gin (?) on her forehead.


Carolyn introduced the next act....

 ......young guitarist Aiden Ryan , who performed some strange and unusual music of his own composing, on the guitar that he was able to buy thanks to a STARS award several years ago.


Aiden was followed by local singing sensation, Mia Reschke, who, though still in Year 11 at Tatachilla, has a voice that blows the audience away. She performed a set of stunning songs.

Wayne Anthoney and Peter Colling then appeared in the guises of the Rev. Wayne Anthoney and the Rev Tuk Tuk from an unknown South Sea Island. Rev Tuk Tuk delivered the 23rd psalm in pidgin English while Rev Wayne translated. Solid gold, if I say so myself. We had the audience in stitches.

The first half closed with a beautiful rendition of three opera classics, including the duet from The Pearl Fishers, from Greg John and Johnathon Waetford.

After interval Don Hopgood and his Jazz Bandits took the stage for whole of the second half, playing great trad jazz with much gusto.

It has been another good year for STARS.


Wayne Anthoney