Well folks, it was a sensational end to an excellent year for STARS.

The a-Capella group Limited Edition played the first half with an hour of beautiful, emotional and technically perfect singing, one of the many highlights being The Twelve Days of Christmas, with actions. These eight people, four men and four women, have been singing together for fifteen years, after the group's genesis at Brighton High twenty years ago, and they have an ease and sense of humour that comes from being so long together. Several of their children were in the audience.

After interval, during which the indefatigable STARS ladies provided the traditional feast, Peter Colling, Meredith Bowman and Wayne Anthoney performed a four minute version of Casablanca which had people rolling in the aisles. This was accomplished by miming to the voices of Ingrid Bergman (Ilsa), Dooley Wilson (Sam) and Humphrey Bogart (Rick) in short segments edited together. It is hard to describe the effect on the audience of Meredith gazing into Peter's eyes and saying "I wish I didn't love you so much". Wayne first saw this piece at a clown festival in Amsterdam in 1978 and has done it occasionally over the years since then, always with the same effect on the audience.

Lucinda Moon and Luke Dollman, whom we last saw in the October ASO concert when Luke conducted and Lucinda played violin, now played two short violin pieces for the enraptured crowd. In fact, Lucinda played on an ancient viola that her mother used to play.

It fell to Wayne and Peter to lower the tone in the traditional manner of these events by performing a sketch written by Peter and involving two Father Christmases getting ready for work but ending up fighting. Ho ho ho!

Limited Edition - The full ensemble

The men singing from Jersey Boys

The women's turn


Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergmann

It's too much for Sam at the piano

Humphrey, Sam, Ingrid

Lucinda and Luke

Lucinda, Carolyn, Luke

Father Christmases getting ready

Father Christmases falling out