MAY 14 2015

The Cancer Morning Tea held on 14 May 60 women crammed into the Homestead and awaited their tea and coffee.

A power failure so those who did not have their tea had to wait.  The Little Sisters of Abundance performed a bracket of 30 minutes with recorder, guitar etc. while we waited for the electrician.

Meanwhile, Judith Barr had sent the hot water to the Golf Club in a buggy and of course the power was restored before the water arrived.  After much chaos and laughter Nancy read her poem and Judith judged the Best Dressed Star and that was Penny Davis who was Audrey Hepburn for the day.

Nancy returned to draw the raffle but disguised as Dame Edna with gladdies and all. The day resulted in a great monetary success with in excess of $800 going to Cancer Council. Thanks to Diana Perry for her tree and all of the other prize givers.

Nancy Weisbrodt.