Cancer Council Morning Tea

May 2012

The Cancer Council Morning Tea hosted by Nancy Weisbrodt and the STARS Committee was the most successful one yet. A happy crowd of around 50 enjoyed the Autumnal theme and great food that Nancy and friends prepared. The raffle was well supported and the winner re-donated the cumquat tree which was auctioned at a great price. Thanks to Margaret Pearce for donating a pink shovel which was also auctioned and added to the overall amount raised this year. $1000 has been sent to the Cancer Council and thanks to Nancy for her efforts as well as the entertainment afforded the guests - Nancy's Burley poem caused much hilarity and can be read below. Thankyou to Brian Reader for male presence as well as his donation of a Tango Figure as a raffle prize.



When I was still a youngster,

Quite early in my teens,

My mother saw that it was time

I knew what ‘berlei’ means.


Aboard an old drop-centre tram

We rode off into town

To Charles Birks Emporium

A business of renoun.


The lift was just a bird-cage,

It had a grill-like door,

And the lingerie department

Was on the second floor.


We walked up to the counter,

There was nothing on display.

A chair was there for mother,

An assistant came our way.


“How can I help you, Modom?”

Like her mouth was full of plum.

“A ‘berlie’ for my daughter”,

Softly whispered my dear Mum.


The assistant turned her back,

Opened a little drawer

And with gloved hands, on the counter,

Displayed what we’d come for.


There wasn’t too much of it,

A flimsy piece of lace,

I had to have a fitting

In a pokey little place.


I’ve been loyal to my ‘berlie’,

I have worn them all my life,

But when I joined the Fishing Club

I got into some strife.


On my first trip to Pt. Turton,

I walked out on the jetty.

In my drizabone and fishing pants

I wasn’t looking pretty.


But all the blokes were friendly

And they offered good advice.

So I thought – “I’m going to like this,

With everyone so nice”.


But then a seasoned veteran

Of pleasure fishing trips,

Came to check my tackle box

And offer useful tips.


Imagine my complete surprise –

And I’m not being surly,

This fellow had the nerve to say,

“Let me check your Berley”.


How very rude, I thought. What cheek!

I hardly even knew him.

He’s checking out my underwear,

And expects that I will show him!


He rummaged in my bucket,

Inspecting all my bait,

While I backed off along the rail

In a highly nervous state.


Just then a dizzy blonde turned up,

She said her name was June,

She didn’t check my tackle box

And we were friends quite soon.


Well, finally the penny dropped.

This berley was a brew.

With top secret ingredients

Known only to a few.


It was a potent mixture

Required for catching fish,

And those who didn’t have it

Could only hope and wish.


But in good time I came to know

It’s not made in a hurry.

It is bran and bread and fish oil

Spiced up with loads of curry.


With bits of fish and odds and ends

Of bait that’s on the nose,

And things that are unmentionable,

Into the berley goes.


Now berley needs to be mature,

I’ve heard the anglers tell.

The fish will be attracted

By the truly awful smell.


So if you chance upon a fisherman

While walking on the pier,

And you feel like giving him a hug,

Remember, when you’re near


You’ll get a whiff of fish oil

Or curry flavoured bread,

And kangaroo flesh going green

And cockles that are dead.


It should come as no surprise, then,

To see that berley is a snare

That sets about to trap

The fish, all unaware.


So I’ve come to the conclusion

Of which I’m very sure,

When you set out to catch fish

You need berley for a lure.


For berley is temptation,

And the fish come from afar.

So, to catch yourselves a fella,

Girls, you need a Berlie bra.


Nancy Weisbrodt may 2012