Saturday, April 21st at 3pm in the Festival Hall.

It was a happy crowd that entered the Festival Hall, expecting to see a fun filled night of Opera.

Our audience came from far afield and included a table of volunteers at Signal Point in Goolwa, first time attendees at Co-Opera in Willunga. The performance featured Sidonie Henbest who is now Rehearsal and Tour Manager of Co-Opera and a new musical director Josh van Konkelenberg.

I have seen many Co-Opera presentations over the past 15 years and this is one of the most outstanding with a brilliant cast of singers and great choreography. Tessa Bremner directed this production and promised lots of laughs while Brian Chatterton was the artistic director, sadly for the last time as he moves to other endeavours. It was great to see him back in Willunga.

Comments from audience members

From Graham Ormsby:

Just a short note to provide some feedback on the CoOpera event. As usual it was a great event and very entertaining and enjoyable. We have some friends come who were visiting from Belfast. They are avid fans and Stella has seen many musicals, operas etc all over Europe. She was very impressed with Saturday’s production. She has seen the Barber of Seville at least 2 times and said this production was as good as any of the others she had seen before. Knowing Stella’s musical background I believe this is high praise indeed. She also was impressed with the Festival Hall and the staging and even the acoustics. I believe the curtains etc they had as background made the difference.

From Diana Perry:

I have just got to say IT GETS BETTER AND BETTER! We have enjoyed so many years of these presentations starting back in the Pirramimma barrel room progressing to various other locations but finally in the larger Willunga stadium - it really is a very successful production. How wonderful for the audience to be up so close to see so much detail (forget about looking down the epiglottis of Bartolo). So many winners – the amazing Figaro – this guy with darting eyes and clever interpretation a la Indian – Freddy Mercury ? very interesting chap.

Too many more – gave the programme to Judy so can’t refer to their names. Sidonie Henbest of course a long term presenter. A very strong cast as usual and such a wonderful evening. Do hope Co-Opera with STARS will continue forever. Great partnership. I love Rossini. Danced to some of his music as a teenager but in particular remember we had /still have it a long playing record of Rossini Overtures. Favourites were The William Tell Overture. Thieving Magpie and The Silken Ladder. How lucky we were to have a wonderful live orchestra – so very special. I just melted away when they started to play my favourite music. So……………… Congratulations all you lot for making it all work.