A goodly crowd of some sixty folks, mostly regular STARS members but with a few newcomers, gathered at STARS Central for the 2013 program launch on a beautiful warm Willunga afternoon.

 After the usual socialising, Carolyn first introduced Nancy Weisbrodt, who made a plea for donations to assist Cambodian orphans, then Wayne Anthoney introduced his old mate and featured guest Edmund Pegge, who presented a delightful program of poetry.

 Wayne and Ed first met in the theatre world at Adelaide University in 1958. Ed trained at NIDA and then embarked on a solid and varied theatrical career in Australia and mostly England, where he had in fact been born and raised until coming to Australia in the fifties.

 Ed's presentation started with 'The Seven Ages of Man' from Shakespeare's 'As You Like It', which begins 'All the world's a stage'' this being the theme for the year's program. Very well received, as was his next offering, the opening speech from 'Under Milkwood'. Then came a wonderful piece, 'They'll Tell You About Me', by Ian Mudie in which an Everyman character claims to be every event or person in Australia, beginning with the man who dug the Murray River.

 Then followed 'Old Botany Bay', by Mary Gilmore, a triste little poem about gentle love, 'Love's Coming, by John Shaw Neilsen, Shakespeare's sonnet number 116, an amazing piece by Yevgeny Yevtushenko (who was brought to the Adelaide Festival decades ago by Geoffrey Dutton) rendered in Russian-sounding broken English. The title was 'I Would Like'.

 To finish, Ed sang Feste's song, 'The Rain It Raineth Every Day' from Twelfth Night, accompanied by Wayne on plaintive Elizabethan Guitar.

 Not quite finished in fact because following riotous calls of 'Encore, encore!' Ed rendered a surprisingly sombre poem, 'Summertime' by Dorothy Hewitt.

 In between poems he talked about the works and some of the authors, such as Dylan Thomas, the sad state of teaching of Australian History in schools and the many good reasons for teaching and learning poetry.

Finally Ed talked briefly about the coming year's program, commended it to all and declared the season well and truly launched.

 All in all it was an excellent beginning to what promises to be another exciting and well balanced season.

 Thanks to the galley slaves in the kitchen for the hors d'oeuvres, excellent as always, to Brian Maple for taking photos and manning the bar and to Peter Elder for manning the lights.

Caroline started proceedings

Nancy Weisbrodt made a plea for donations to help Cambodian orphans

Wayne introduced his old mate Ed....

...warts and all

Ed performed with great character and energy...

...some wry humour...


...and charm

Wayne accompanied the final song

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Ed in his element